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WebPRESSTO is a personal media relations utility designed for the professional communicator dealing with Virginia’s media.  Use of WebPRESSTO is confidential and secure.

     WebPRESSTO contains five program options:

  • Electronic Virginia/DC media guide
  • Selective mailing label generator
  • Customizable media list generator
  • Broadcast fax list generator and internet fax utility
  • Personal remarks notepad for recording and retrieving      media notes by date range and/or project.
  • WebPRESSTO’s Media Guide is a compilation of all of the major media in Virginia and those in DC that serve the Virginia market. The database contains more than 600 organizations and 2,000 contact names and may be expanded and customized to include additional organizations and editorial contacts. The Media Guide allows you to maintain a separate journal of notes and remarks for each organization.

    The Label Generator provides a logical selection process for creating mailing labels from the WebPRESSTO database. Names may be drawn from both WebPRESSTO’s contacts as well as your own personal contacts.

    The List Generator allows you to create and print highly customized media lists using the same intuitive selection process as the label generator.

    WebPRESSTO's Fax option allows you to create customized fax lists and broadcast fax news releases using Dominion Media Services’ internet PRESSfax service. Fax lists created under the annual subscription option may be stored on WebPRESSTO’s server for future use. All saved fax lists will be purged every four months to ensure data integrity.

    PRESSemail provides a mechanism to quickly publish news releases and media advisories on the Web and notify selected news organizations at at the same time. PRESSemail differs from conventional email distribution systems by posting releases on a web-server and emailing document links rather than attachments.

    The REMARKS GENERATOR allows you to view and print remarks entered in the media guide by date range and/or project.


    Annual: Unlimited access to WebPRESSTO may be purchased on an annual subscription basis for $499.95 per year. This subscription provides use of all of WebPRESSTO’s features, with the exception of broadcast faxing and emailing, without incurring additional charges. Database setup fees for PRESSfax and PRESSemail will be waived for those purchasing annual subscriptions. However, a per page fee will be charged for email or fax broadcasts processed through WebPRESSTO. Additional subscriptions to WebPRESSTO may be purchased for $350.00 each by contacting Dominion Media Services by phone or email.

    Price:  $499.95     



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